Not sure about which account plan will work for you? Don't worry you have come to the right place. 

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Our Plans

Developer Plan (Free Plan)

If you are new to machine learning this plan will help you to get started. Our developer plan is completely free. This plan includes :

  • 1000 operations (Api calls) - what is operation? 
  • 500 training images 
  • Response time will be slow compared to other plans

You can stay on the Developer Plan for as long as you'd like if your use case allows for that. But if you need higher limits eventually, you may want to consider moving to our....

Medium Plan ($99/month)

Unlike the developer plan this plan offers higher API calls and higher image storage. In addition to this this plan includes :

  • You will have monthly limit of 100k operations per month - 
  • You can buy additional 1000 API calls with only $1 
  • You can deploy your model on premise with a CPU docker image
  • We will help you to annotate/ label your images. Maximum of 500 images per month
  • Our engineers will custom train your model to get maximum accuracy

We are pretty sure after you start working with this plan your usage can grow pretty fast. At that time you can explore our bigger plans
such as ...........

Large Plan ($999/month)

This plan is superior than above plans in terms of API calls and training images capacity.  Large plan includes:

  • You will have monthly limit of 1 million operations per month
  • You can train your model on 10000 images
  • We will re-train your model if you are not getting desired accuracy
  • You can train your model on On premise with a GPU docker image
  • Ultra fast response time
  • You can buy additional 1000 API calls with only $1.

If THAT isn't enough usage for you though, then you'll likely need our..........

Enterprise Plan

This is the plan to rule all the plans. This plan is best suited for use cases that involves large operations per month (minimum of 1 million ). Our sales team and engineers will work with you to design a contract that fits your needs and you'll also get prioritised support and a bunch of other cool perks too!
Contact or sales team now

Each plan covers only 1 model. You can not run two models in a single plan. If you are using image classification model and want to use object detection model then you need to buy additional plan.  To run multiple models you can contact us on or call us at  +1 650 382 8676 

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