You have gone through our pricing page and there is table which provides you information about plans.  Still if you are unsure about this, we have some explanations below :

What is operations?

Operation is action that is performed via our user interface or API. If you make a call to a public or custom model to get a prediction from it, it's an operation. The operation includes 

  • Predictions to get tags

Max Training Images

Maximum number of images you can use to train a model. (how many for free plan, if training 2 models?)

Image Labeling

Our in house expert team of annotators will label your dataset.

Plan Scenario #1  - Can medium plan cover NSFW and Custom model?
Each plan covers one model. You can only use NSFW or custom model at a time. A single medium plan license applies to one model, you can execute single model at a time. You can upgrade or contact our sales team to get more models in your account.

Plan Scenario #2 -
 API call is > 1k but less than 100k  how would pricing work?
It will be $99 per month. Anything above 100k images per month will be charged at $1  per 1000 images.

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